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Luxury Kitchen Trends

Kitchen is the heart of a home along with hub of activity. Here chances allow showing your creativity and spending more hours compared to any other room in your home. It should be renovated or up to date with modern equipment.

Read on to discover some of the luxury kitchen trends in 2020 to bring them into your kitchen.

Smart Kitchen Appliances

If you prefer a healthier and more productive lifestyle, don’t lack behind upgrading your kitchen with smart kitchen appliances. Do you want to communicate with your modern kitchen appliances? Don’t worry as 2020 has made revolutions, allowing you to control everything from your smart phone. You will be able to control the time and temperature of your micro oven, stove, fridge, even your kitchen exhaust fan.

If you can’t remember whether you have fish or vegetables in your refrigerator while you’re at the grocery store, Smarter Fridge Cam will provide solutions. It works with a smart phone app and gives you an update on the contents of your fridge.

You can also sync with a wireless Bluetooth device, a powerful and new trend in 2020. It allows you to sync with electric stoves, microwaves, water heaters and other appliances.

Luxury Kitchen Trends 2020

Kitchen Cabinet

If you want to renovate your kitchen with a luxurious look, opt for as many base cabinets with drawers (instead of doors) as possible. Pay close attention in choosing color for the cabinet as expert said that white, gray, matte black and peacock blue are some great choices in 2020’s trend.

Roll-out trays, corner drawers would be best choices if you are concerned about best uses of your kitchen spaces. On the other hand, pull-out cupboards offer the convenience in viewing stored items.

In spite, automatic drawers offer you ultimate convenience with motorized systems that open with a simple tap of the drawer or door. Additionally, the standard pull-down storage system allows you to pull the shelves down with greater accessibility.

Luxury Kitchen Trends 2020

Granite Kitchen Countertops

Granite provides elegant beauty compared to other countertop materials, which take a high-quality kitchen to the next level. If you are looking for contrasts with virtually any cabinet, floor and wall color, go for black granite countertop. Amongst consumers, who wants a vibrant look for their kitchen, prefers black granite.

Granite has the natural power to resistant from both heat and scratches, even more durable compared to other countertops. Granite has many colors and patterns to choose from, i.e. like resembling marble, which is more expensive.

Luxury Kitchen Trends 2020

Eco-Friendly Kitchen

If you have been thinking to incorporate your kitchen with environmentally, non-toxic and healthy option, go for a eco-friendly kitchen. Do consider the environmental impact of your product and materials you have chosen to furnish your kitchen. Make healthier choices when it comes to selecting board, wood products, paint and varnishes for furnishing your kitchen.

Pay careful attention in purchasing cabinets that will not give off formaldehyde gas, as most new kitchens give off formaldehyde gas along with other chemicals into indoor air.

You can set priorities in handmade tiles like terra cotta for a great solution. The arrangement of open air and potted plants in your kitchen are some of the best way to add a touch of green and a cleaner air environment to your lifestyle.

Luxury Kitchen Trends 2020

Sharing Kitchen with Living Room

This is the emerging trends where the kitchen, living room, and dining space are all merging into the single open area, configuring with kitchen appliances, and dining table with chairs, sofa for relaxing, and a big screen for entertainment. Here moms can do their cooking without worries as living rooms permits their kids to play (like- video games) in front of them.

You can arrange open cabinet and buffet table to place some elegant crockery, utensils which will enhance your aristocracy in front of your guest. 

Luxury Kitchen Trends 2020

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